New Ottawa Bilingual projects announced!

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Types of projects


This type of proposal aims to generate smaller initiatives enhancing bilingualism in Ottawa, created by non-profit organizations and private businesses. Grants awarded will be of a value of $10,000 or less, and funded projects will be completed within a period of 6 months.  


This type of proposal aims to generate large impact projects enhancing bilingualism in Ottawa, created by non-profit organizations. Grants awarded will be of a value of $10,500 to $20,000, and funded projects will be completed within an 8 month period.  

Resources for Bilingual Ottawa applications and projects

ACFO Ottawa and Bilingual Ottawa presents :

Winning stratégies : Funding your project

A constructive webinar series for our community

Webinaires_Ottawa bilingue
Bilingual Ottawa and ACFO Ottawa are hosting a series of 4 webinars that will discuss strategies to help you in the successful development and implementation of your project. Regardless if your funding is from Bilingual Ottawa or from another funder, these webinars will be useful in sharing tips and tricks for all your future grant writing endeavours. 

1. Developing a project idea - December 13th (available on Youtube)

In this first of four webinars, we will be discussing the steps to properly develop a project idea. We will be sharing strategies and elements that are essential to the development of grant-funded projects. 

2. Developing a budget and financial calendar - January 17th  (available on Youtube)

Learn the importance of having a budget before submitting a project and how to tie it to a financial calendar during this second webinar. 

3. Submitting a grant application - February 15th (available on Youtube)

In this third webinar, we will focus on the process of writing and submitting a grant application as well as important considerations to increase your chances of funding. 

4. Implementing your project - March 18th (available on Youtube)

In our final of four webinars, we will discuss the implementation of a successful project and what common mistakes are made. 

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Reserve a meeting with the program manager to discuss your project

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Bilingual Ottawa microgrant program has been renewed by the federal government through the Canadian Heritage Action Plan for Official Languages.  This additional funding of $1,250,000 will support new bilingual projects from 2021 to 2023.

The program renewal aims to continue to enhance the bilingual character of Ottawa and to advance the interests of the francophone community by investing in concrete projects, led by and for the community. The first phase of Bilingual Ottawa, funded 77 projects  for a total amount of $ 968,000. In addition to this amount, $ 67,877 was awarded to 20 Ottawa businesses and organizations, including the media, for the promotion and operation of the program.

Here is the impact of our program :
  • 2.8% of the population of the city of Ottawa will be directly affected by projects funded by bilingual Ottawa, which gives the following results:
  • 503 partnerships will be created
  • 757 bilingual and French-speaking activities will be created and delivered
  • 28,249 people will participate in the activities
  • 7,464 participants will be consulted on bilingualism
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Our Partners

You can contact the program manager for any questions regarding the program :

Patrick Pharand

Bilingual Ottawa Program Manager
Email :
Phone : 613-744-8982 ext. 104