Who we are

“ACFO” is the acronym for Association des communautés francophones d’Ottawa, which translates into “Association of francophone communities of Ottawa”. Our mandate at l’ACFO Ottawa is to work, in partnership with the three levels of government and other community organisations and allies, for the development, the protection and well-being of the francophone community of the national capital.

What we do

ACFO Ottawa is a non-profit organization, and the voice of francophones in Ottawa. We ensure political representation, liaison with different levels of government, and advocate for the rights of francophones and access to French-language services.

Throughout the year, we have three recurring events. First of all, the Annual General Meeting that takes places every year, typically in September, is the occasion for our members to gather to decide on the vision and orientation of the organization as well as to elect the Board of administrators. We also organize the celebrations of the 25th of September, the Franco-Ontarian Day, in Ottawa. Finally, since 1999, we organize the Bernard-Grandmaître Award Gala, a celebration of our community leader’s efforts that takes place annually in February.

Furthermore, we also develop other shorter-term projects and collaborate with partners and allies on larger issues. Currently, we have the Nos Muralités project, an initiative we started in 2017 to bring French-Canadian artists and students together in order to create murals in various neighbourhoods across the city that celebrate modern and diverse French culture.

Our structure

The members of ACFO Ottawa are the French-speaking individuals who live and/or work in the city of Ottawa. The criterias, as set out by our constitution and by-laws, provide that anyone who: a) Is of French language or culture, or francophile, and supports openly the French fact; b) reside or work in the City of Ottawa; and c) adheres to the mission of l’ACFO Ottawa, is eligible to be a member.

The organization is composed of a board of directors and an office. The Board is elected at the AGM and that is formed of a president, a vice-president, a treasurer as well as 6 administrators. While the Board of directors meets several times a year to manage the finances, discuss priorities and initiate projects, as well as being the face of the organisation in the media, l’ACFO Ottawa also has a staff to take care of the day to day business. The team in the office is composed of the Executive Director and a small team of support staff.

Upcoming events

  • Events will be restart once Covid-19 restricions have been lifted

Contact us

Executive director - Catherine Briand

613-744-8982 ext: 101


President - Soukaina Boutiyeb